Sunday, April 6, 2008

I forgot!

I finished my South Cape and forgot to post pics!

I am very pleased with it. Despite the fact my yarn was a bit fine (would've been perfect doubled for the drape) the gauge worked and it fits fine. It's a great pattern, and fun to knit.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fallen at the last hurdle

My last finished project for this KAL is the Mitred Stripes Tote from the online issue made for the Ravelry Aussie Bag Lady swap.

Unfortunately this is another bag I buggered up through no fault of the designer - total operator error. I ended up with a with a gorgeous fabric that was a bit of a disaster as a bag. The strap was too long, so I cut and sewed it, and the top was all fluted and in no way square.

The whole sorry story is on my blog but the upshot is, if I'd looked at the pictures of the original bag I'd have noticed that when the pieces were sewn together pre-felting the cast on edge became the top of the bag which made for a stable and even item. I sewed it up the opposite way, with the cast off edge as the top and got an *interesting* fluted effect.

I recently also complete a couple of pairs of Barb's Clafoutis Bedsocks.

This pair "Riot in Rio" in a Moda Vera Luxury a mohair blend yard that's all sparkly
and a more sedate pair in Patons Jet in a camel colour

These are going to Can Assist in a project supported by another Canberra knitter, Krafty Kuka.

Still on the needles which I will eventually finish are the Simple Socks and another Jelly Belly Vest. Both are lovely patterns and almost done.

Kate, this has been a wonderful KA - supportive, non-competitive and a really good excuse to more fully exploit my Yarn investment. Thank you. :)

Monday, March 31, 2008


I finished the South Cape!!! Hurray! Sorry it's late, teacher. ( I have said that many times in my life)

Pics to come tomorrow, hopefully. The cape is still a bit damp and I don't have time to take a good photo today.

See you soon.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yarn 9 is Out - the KAL is over

Thanks for joining in on this KAL, the first I've ever run. I'd love to see what you've ended up with in your endeavors to cover at least one project from each Yarn edition that you own. Do you have intentions for any outstanding projects? I look forward to hearing from you all one last time.

Thanks especially to Barb for the fun of the first 8 editions of Yarn. I'm looking forward to jumping into my edition #9 tonight!

Slow progress

I feel like I'm caught in a Groundhog Day loop. I've been knitting and re-knitting the damn placket on the purple sheep cardigan three times now only to find that the I've still picked up too many stitches and the band is below the level of the waistband. At least it doesn't concertina this time and as for the first effort, well, I guess I was a little nervous because the stitches were so tight I couldn't even insert a needle into them! I will pull it out and make attempt #4 tonight. Hopefully by the weekend I shall finish this blighter. I feel quite discouraged and a little bloody-minded about the whole thing now. I will do my level best NEVER to do another cardigan with separate button bands.

Knowing my luck, Tilly will have grown too big for the cardy by the time I've finished it! If so, you'll be able to hear my anguished groans from Perth!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


My Wine and Roses Bolero, from Yarn 2, is finally finished.

Cast on in December 2005 as a test knit, just after Yarn 1 came out, this jumper has been with me through it all. Its stitches show the tension and the joy in all their variation, the learning, the mistakes, the successes, everything. I gained and lost and gained about 8 kg during the time this jumper was on the needles -- which is why you see it now on a hanger instead of on me -- and I am thrilled to see it done, even if I can't wear it. Am I feeling a little misty? Yes, I am.

But the timing is comes Yarn 9 to take us somewhere new. Thank you Kate for organising this Knitalong, and thank you to everyone who participated in honor of 'the Coddington era', as it has been put. The honor really has been mine!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

One more for the road

Issue 9 is on its way according to the Yarn blog!

It took less time to knit this last project than it did to procrastinate and then sew it up. I give you Broken Rib Cover from Issue 5.

Yarn: ancient Villawool 20 ply
Needles: 8 mm
Pattern changes: Cast on 42 stitches to cover 16" hanger (30 sts wasn't going to work).

I'm going to keep working on other patterns from the first eight issues as time lets me. I have not finished everything that appeals to me by a long shot. Thanks go to Barb for giving us such a high standard magazine for two years.


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ready for a new Yarn

It's finally finished. A quick, easy knit that took longer than it should due to me not reading the directions correctly, running out of yarn & joining a bag swap that took priority. But it's finished, just in time for the cooler weather & I'm really happy with it. This would be a great stash buster project...maybe multi coloured next time? I knit 2 yarns together, swapping one when I felt like it. I wasn't too concerned about gauge, as this changed throughout; but for the style I wanted, a gauge that was "close enough" was fine.

If anyone is interested...the shawl pin is from Katherine Kowalski, she has a website at & an etsy shop.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Slow progress

Oh, how this tendonitis is annoying! The cardy is still at the sleeves stage. Progress is slow but the end feels so near that I can almost taste it. This is only because I'm judging future progress by my usual knitting pace. But disappointing progress nevertheless.

Instead of posting beautiful photos of the finished cardy, I'll list what I'm hoping (!) to get finished before Yarn appears on the shelves. Keeping in mind that the magazine is due out this month perhaps I'm being a tad ambitious?

Vol 1 - wine bottle bag
Vol 5 - tea cosy 1
Vol 7 - ear flap cap
Vol 8 - Melba (I really need to knit something that fits properly!)

So, I'm sort of getting there but likely to finish all my ambitions sometime toward the end of 2008!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

South Cape ready for winter

The end of February is here already and am happy to report the spinning, knitting and seaming portion of my South Cape is complete. I still need to find a suitable fastener/button.

The knitting portion was quicker than I expected and the changes in texture always kept it interesting, even in 40+ degree heat.

The yarn is my own handspun from a coated, greasy Romney/EL/MerinoX fleece, I had five skeins made before starting the knitting and since it was slightly thicker than the pattern called for I went up 0.5mm needle size on both sizes and the finished product is the perfect size for me. (I had to spin up another four skeins as I was knitting).

Not the greatest photo of the finished product unfortunately (I couldn't get the self timer to take an in-focus modelled shot) but it is reasonably close to accurate colour.

South Cape

And here is a gratutious texture shot, taken inside so colour is way off.

South Cape texture

Now off to decide which smaller project to work on next while waiting for Yarn 9. Let's see if I can get another entry up before then.


I'm Still Here

Still here & I've been working on my Rosehip Waistcoat . Unfortunately I've run out of the Sean Sheeps and Big W (in it's wisdom) removes it's yarn during summer. So far I've finished one side and am up to the armhole divide on the second.

This would be a quick knit if I didn't keep getting distracted by other things (Aussie Bag Lady swap on Ravelry & now the next International Scarf Exchange is taking sign ups) &, of course, running out of yarn. But I will get it finished...I already know how I'm going to wear it!

Looking forward to the next issue of Yarn...should be soon.


A Rainbow Belt

I decided that I needed to pull my finger out and do something else in this KAL.

Here is the result of a few hours here and there the other day. A knitted belt for Miss A.
I also tried some dying the other day (food dyes) and used the instructions from Issue One as a guide.
And a tip for next time - when the instructions say 'wear gloves' it might be an idea to actually put them on and not leave them on the bench...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring Green? Bag

After many adventures, all of them my own stupid fault, my Spring Green/Swiss Cheese bag is done.

Here it enjoys the late summer sun after several goes in the washing machine and some up-close and personal encounters with several bath towels and a razor.

You can read the adventures on my blog but long story short - it's a great pattern and I suck at the felting thing.

I still have a Jelly Belly Vest, a pair of Simple Socks and a Mitred Square bag on the needles. Probably won't be finished by Friday but this has been a great challenge. Thanks to Kate for organising it.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Last minute cast on!

I'm still working on my Radiant Lace shawl, not really working on my Wine & Roses bolero (still not sure why!), and just cast on a new Hailstone jumper. I will finish ONE before Yarn 9. I will! Hopefully will have some piccies, too...

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The End is Nigh!

Not that end but the end of the KAL. Just read that the next issue of Yarn is confirmed for publication in March 2008. This will be issue #9, which will signal the end of the KAL once it hits the newstands. I'm really looking forward to seeing what y'all have done over the holiday period when we all (allegedly) had plenty of time to knit!

As for my shenanigans, at the moment, the sheep are purple and their grass is green and growing longer. I've knit 14 of the 16cms to reach the arm holes. Woot! Him Indoors thinks the sheep look more like Scottie dogs. What does he know?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Two steps forward, one back

I am still lurking in blogland but have been a tad quiet - mainly because I haven't made much knitting progress. I now have something to show and tell so here goes.....

The Angel Puff Scarf is ready for felting. I hope I haven't put the hazelnuts too close together!!

I ran out of time to finish the Florianne's Wedding Bag for my niece for Christmas. Her birthday is in June - I'll aim for that! Only some finishing bits'n'pieces to do.

The Swirly Girl Socks made reasonable progress until I realised the swirly pattern got lost within the dark colours. And then, I discovered a dropped stitch at least 8 rows down. So the sock got yanked off the needles for a good froggin' and a new sock was started in a lighter colourway. I have not made it to the swirl pattern yet as I decided to make the ribbing a bit longer than the pattern suggests.

I may be a tad quiet for the next couple of weeks as I will be away for work (in the WA desert) but I promise to keep knitting on the sock when the temperature drops below 40 degrees. I am
trying to work up the courage to sneak the sock onto the plane.

Friday, January 25, 2008

YARN KAL button

Courtesy of Kylie, who learnt how to do buttons especially for the KAL, I present the Yarn KAL button. Thanks Kylie! This feels like an official KAL now. Here's the html & directions to place in your blog.

Go to Template then add Page Element and paste in the html link and paste it in there (or wherever you keep your KAL links) and that should work.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

This design feat is doubly impressive given that Kylie has also been caring for her 2yo daughter, Amelia, churned out lots of projects, moved house and being enormously pregnant. There's happy news on that front. Baden Nicholas William Pearse arrived 10.45am Friday 25th January, weighing 8lb and measuring 51cm. Go on over and send her your congratulations : )

I was just surfing and seeing that Yarn #3 and #5 haven't been knit from as yet. Any takers?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This is the current state of the Baby Snug - blocked and ready for the chain crochet edging. This is my first attempt to crochet anything so I'm starting on something that I hope will be simple. If it sucks badly, I'll do a wee I-cord and sew that on. Can crocheting be any worse than sewing on miles of I-cord?

Despite previous declarations, my next project is 'My Fair Baby" by Sarah Golder in Yarn Issue 4. I've made a little progress and am just about through the border of the back. I love doing stranded stuff. I find the charts really easy to read; easier than lace charts anyway! Aren't the wee sheep gorgeous? There's lots
of options as to borders but I've decide on sheep. And purple sheep at that! I'm on a yarn diet. I bought my last ball of yarn at the last Sn'nB and from now on what I've got will have to do this KAL!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Finished Object

Here is the Neckerchief, finished, and ready to be sent off to the Knitter's Project.

Yes it was cold at the beach on this day.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Post Labels

Hey folks, could you please use the labels for your patterns when post about your projects? I just thought that it would be cool if I added a labels list to one side so people will be able to jump to all the posts about a particular pattern. I've taken the unmannerly liberty of updating the posts' labels so we can easily jump to other posts on the same subject. Sorry if this annoys anyone...

The Baby Snug

Hey folks, I'm back again and raring to go. I've cast on the baby snug while I was on the road but I completely forgot Barb's advice from my post, ie that there was errata which would need to be taken into account. Only just remembered it when I checked my last post about what I was knitting. Man, I frustrate myself sometimes. OK, shall pull out and re-do. In the meantime I've settled on Paton's Bluebell for the snug and will do it in purple and green. As Taph says, good feminist colours : )

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Big Red

I loved doing the Coffee Couture so much, I turned around and did it all again but bigger and redder.

It's my Dad's birthday tomorrow. 67 he'll be and finding a gift is increasingly difficult. His plunger is the 12 cup size, so I did some maths and added two extra cable patterns and cast on 100 stitches. I did an extra half a pattern repeat in length as well.

This yarn wasn't as thick as the first lot, so the cosy is a little more stretched out. After sewing the ribbing together I picked up 22 stitches along one edge leaving a little room for the handles, double ribbed for 5 rows, chucked in 3 yo button holes in the next row, then two more double rib rows and cast off in rib. This band could have been a little longer, but it will do.

I finally got to use these very cute wooden Scottish Terrier buttons again. I bought a heap of them at the Lisa Ho factory outlet in Sydney years ago and the last time I used them was on cot doona covers for the twins who turn 13 next month.

A workmate pointed out today that we could use a cosy on the plunger at work. Do you reckon I could just knit these until the end of the KAL?

Sock it to you!

Well I have finished my first project for the KAL! Amazing what happens when I rest. I have completed the 'sock topper' from Issue 8 and also a little vest!

I asked DH if he would like a matching set and the response I recieved was "Don't you dare!" Tempting isn't it. I still have a little of the wool left so though that I would see if I can find a little bootee pattern or maybe a little jumper for one of Amelia's teddies.
Amelia tries it on for size

Monday, January 7, 2008

Progress (again)

I've got my act together...reading all instructions twice, just in case.
It's the Rosehip Waistcoat by Judith Avery from Issue 2.
I'm using 2 yarns held together, one thick & one thin. I raided my stash & pulled out all the textural blues. Lots of Sean Sheep, Rowan Spray & a recycled Sari Silk.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I Frog, Therefore I Am

Knit for 10 cm (NOT inches), shape for 25 cm (NOT inches).

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Coffee Couture

Coffee Couture by Megan Longhurst from Yarn 6.
MATERIALS: Just under 50g of an 8ply recycled from an op-shop jumper.

ALTERATIONS: None, but I'm tossing up about picking up some of the side stitches and making a button placket for added warmth.

It's a lovely quick knit. Perfect for last minute gifts. Not that there's anything last minute about this one - it's a 2008 Christmas gift for coffee loving friends. Oh, and I've added the pattern to Ravelry if you want to queue it.

I've got to make another of these, but larger, this week for Dad's birthday on Thursday. Will cast on tonight.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Vested Interest

Jelly Belly vest by Jenny McElhinney from Issue 1, December 2005. I call this one Coconut Ice, because that's what the yarn looks like.

SIZE: One size 12-18 months

YARN: 2 x 50g balls Nastro Four Seasons cotton/acrylic blend. It's a weird yarn. 2 chains of different colours, in this case a pinky apricot and a cream that sit flat like a tape. Knits up pretty, though, and has an interesting texture.

ALTERATIONS: Knitted in the round to the underarms, then flat so there were only the shoulder seams to sew. Also, I used the same finishing on the armholes as the neckline instead of the pattern's double rib, mostly because I was concerned about running out of yarn. As it turns out, the concerns were well founded and I have a scant 4m left.

There's another one of these on the needles which might get fininished tomorrow if I actually sit down and knit it.

Happy New Year to you all. :)