Thursday, March 20, 2008

Slow progress

I feel like I'm caught in a Groundhog Day loop. I've been knitting and re-knitting the damn placket on the purple sheep cardigan three times now only to find that the I've still picked up too many stitches and the band is below the level of the waistband. At least it doesn't concertina this time and as for the first effort, well, I guess I was a little nervous because the stitches were so tight I couldn't even insert a needle into them! I will pull it out and make attempt #4 tonight. Hopefully by the weekend I shall finish this blighter. I feel quite discouraged and a little bloody-minded about the whole thing now. I will do my level best NEVER to do another cardigan with separate button bands.

Knowing my luck, Tilly will have grown too big for the cardy by the time I've finished it! If so, you'll be able to hear my anguished groans from Perth!

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