Thursday, January 31, 2008

The End is Nigh!

Not that end but the end of the KAL. Just read that the next issue of Yarn is confirmed for publication in March 2008. This will be issue #9, which will signal the end of the KAL once it hits the newstands. I'm really looking forward to seeing what y'all have done over the holiday period when we all (allegedly) had plenty of time to knit!

As for my shenanigans, at the moment, the sheep are purple and their grass is green and growing longer. I've knit 14 of the 16cms to reach the arm holes. Woot! Him Indoors thinks the sheep look more like Scottie dogs. What does he know?


Kylie said...

Looking Good Kate - Can't wait to see it IRL and see if the said sheep do indeed look like dogs - LOL

Denyse said...

Argh! Must...knit...faster.

Crochet.LouT said...

Him Indoors has obviously never seen a purple sheep before!