Friday, January 25, 2008

YARN KAL button

Courtesy of Kylie, who learnt how to do buttons especially for the KAL, I present the Yarn KAL button. Thanks Kylie! This feels like an official KAL now. Here's the html & directions to place in your blog.

Go to Template then add Page Element and paste in the html link and paste it in there (or wherever you keep your KAL links) and that should work.

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This design feat is doubly impressive given that Kylie has also been caring for her 2yo daughter, Amelia, churned out lots of projects, moved house and being enormously pregnant. There's happy news on that front. Baden Nicholas William Pearse arrived 10.45am Friday 25th January, weighing 8lb and measuring 51cm. Go on over and send her your congratulations : )

I was just surfing and seeing that Yarn #3 and #5 haven't been knit from as yet. Any takers?

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