Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Slow progress

Oh, how this tendonitis is annoying! The cardy is still at the sleeves stage. Progress is slow but the end feels so near that I can almost taste it. This is only because I'm judging future progress by my usual knitting pace. But disappointing progress nevertheless.

Instead of posting beautiful photos of the finished cardy, I'll list what I'm hoping (!) to get finished before Yarn appears on the shelves. Keeping in mind that the magazine is due out this month perhaps I'm being a tad ambitious?

Vol 1 - wine bottle bag
Vol 5 - tea cosy 1
Vol 7 - ear flap cap
Vol 8 - Melba (I really need to knit something that fits properly!)

So, I'm sort of getting there but likely to finish all my ambitions sometime toward the end of 2008!

1 comment:

Crochet.LouT said...

Tendonitis is not fun. Wishing you a speedy recovery and fast knitting in the future.