Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This is the current state of the Baby Snug - blocked and ready for the chain crochet edging. This is my first attempt to crochet anything so I'm starting on something that I hope will be simple. If it sucks badly, I'll do a wee I-cord and sew that on. Can crocheting be any worse than sewing on miles of I-cord?

Despite previous declarations, my next project is 'My Fair Baby" by Sarah Golder in Yarn Issue 4. I've made a little progress and am just about through the border of the back. I love doing stranded stuff. I find the charts really easy to read; easier than lace charts anyway! Aren't the wee sheep gorgeous? There's lots
of options as to borders but I've decide on sheep. And purple sheep at that! I'm on a yarn diet. I bought my last ball of yarn at the last Sn'nB and from now on what I've got will have to do this KAL!

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