Thursday, February 28, 2008

South Cape ready for winter

The end of February is here already and am happy to report the spinning, knitting and seaming portion of my South Cape is complete. I still need to find a suitable fastener/button.

The knitting portion was quicker than I expected and the changes in texture always kept it interesting, even in 40+ degree heat.

The yarn is my own handspun from a coated, greasy Romney/EL/MerinoX fleece, I had five skeins made before starting the knitting and since it was slightly thicker than the pattern called for I went up 0.5mm needle size on both sizes and the finished product is the perfect size for me. (I had to spin up another four skeins as I was knitting).

Not the greatest photo of the finished product unfortunately (I couldn't get the self timer to take an in-focus modelled shot) but it is reasonably close to accurate colour.

South Cape

And here is a gratutious texture shot, taken inside so colour is way off.

South Cape texture

Now off to decide which smaller project to work on next while waiting for Yarn 9. Let's see if I can get another entry up before then.


I'm Still Here

Still here & I've been working on my Rosehip Waistcoat . Unfortunately I've run out of the Sean Sheeps and Big W (in it's wisdom) removes it's yarn during summer. So far I've finished one side and am up to the armhole divide on the second.

This would be a quick knit if I didn't keep getting distracted by other things (Aussie Bag Lady swap on Ravelry & now the next International Scarf Exchange is taking sign ups) &, of course, running out of yarn. But I will get it finished...I already know how I'm going to wear it!

Looking forward to the next issue of Yarn...should be soon.


A Rainbow Belt

I decided that I needed to pull my finger out and do something else in this KAL.

Here is the result of a few hours here and there the other day. A knitted belt for Miss A.
I also tried some dying the other day (food dyes) and used the instructions from Issue One as a guide.
And a tip for next time - when the instructions say 'wear gloves' it might be an idea to actually put them on and not leave them on the bench...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring Green? Bag

After many adventures, all of them my own stupid fault, my Spring Green/Swiss Cheese bag is done.

Here it enjoys the late summer sun after several goes in the washing machine and some up-close and personal encounters with several bath towels and a razor.

You can read the adventures on my blog but long story short - it's a great pattern and I suck at the felting thing.

I still have a Jelly Belly Vest, a pair of Simple Socks and a Mitred Square bag on the needles. Probably won't be finished by Friday but this has been a great challenge. Thanks to Kate for organising it.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Last minute cast on!

I'm still working on my Radiant Lace shawl, not really working on my Wine & Roses bolero (still not sure why!), and just cast on a new Hailstone jumper. I will finish ONE before Yarn 9. I will! Hopefully will have some piccies, too...