Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Big Red

I loved doing the Coffee Couture so much, I turned around and did it all again but bigger and redder.

It's my Dad's birthday tomorrow. 67 he'll be and finding a gift is increasingly difficult. His plunger is the 12 cup size, so I did some maths and added two extra cable patterns and cast on 100 stitches. I did an extra half a pattern repeat in length as well.

This yarn wasn't as thick as the first lot, so the cosy is a little more stretched out. After sewing the ribbing together I picked up 22 stitches along one edge leaving a little room for the handles, double ribbed for 5 rows, chucked in 3 yo button holes in the next row, then two more double rib rows and cast off in rib. This band could have been a little longer, but it will do.

I finally got to use these very cute wooden Scottish Terrier buttons again. I bought a heap of them at the Lisa Ho factory outlet in Sydney years ago and the last time I used them was on cot doona covers for the twins who turn 13 next month.

A workmate pointed out today that we could use a cosy on the plunger at work. Do you reckon I could just knit these until the end of the KAL?


Christine said...

Love the red!

Kylie said...

Oh LOVE the red and the little dogs are the cutest - LOL - at knitting the same thing over and over until March! I get bored too quickly!

Kate said...

Absolutely! And I've got to knit another one anyway for the people who hosted us over NY. I found that they were just wrapping their plunger in a tea towel. Their need is just crying out to me!

I LOVE those buttons : D