Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Spring Green? Bag

After many adventures, all of them my own stupid fault, my Spring Green/Swiss Cheese bag is done.

Here it enjoys the late summer sun after several goes in the washing machine and some up-close and personal encounters with several bath towels and a razor.

You can read the adventures on my blog but long story short - it's a great pattern and I suck at the felting thing.

I still have a Jelly Belly Vest, a pair of Simple Socks and a Mitred Square bag on the needles. Probably won't be finished by Friday but this has been a great challenge. Thanks to Kate for organising it.


Kylie said...

Swiss Cheese indeed - looks great - off to read the extended story!

Crochet.LouT said...

I can't believe how many projects you've done for the KAL.
It looks great and your experiences will help others, like me, felting for the first time.

Kate said...

V. noice! I really love this bag and I look forward to seeing it in person when next I'm in Can'tberra : ) Felting is always a hit and miss affair. The best aggitation tools I've ever come across are sneakers. Not entirely sure why though!