Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I've cast on again. Well, not really casting on exactly. I needed a project I thought might fly under the radar (so to speak) on my flight to Perth yesterday. I know this is naughty, but can you blame me? The prospect of 3.5 uninterrupted hours, without kids? Too tempting.

I thought I would go with crochet, so I hooked into Sarah G's Radiant lace shawl, in Wendy Dennis 4 ply (LOVE this yarn). It is the palest celery-heart green, semi-solid. And I got in about an hour's worth of work before they told me to put it away.

Edit: I had an interesting experience with this yarn after posting. There's more about it on my blog -- rather than clog up the KAL!


Kylie said...

Oh no - they caught you - why do planes have a thing with people with pointy things in there hands - surely a sharp pencil would do more damage then a rounded crochet hook - LOL

Taphophile said...

At least it wasn't confiscated, I guess. Still, power to you for giving it a good go! I'm officially in lust for that yarn.

Denyse said...

Seriously Kylie-You're right. If I can bring a plastic (or in one case, metal) pen on board, why not knitting needles/crochet hook. Grrrrr.

Project looks great so far! The yarn is lovely.

We go and stay a Tardwarncoort once a year-the xmas wind down-leaving in a week-ish for six days THANK GOODNESS. I always spend too much time and money in Wendy's wool shed.

SueS said...

You are very brave Barb. I always chicken out at the check in point and put the knitting in my luggage although I have tried to talk my way around a few times to no avail. Knitters should unite and mount a campaign against this ludicrous rule!!

Kate said...

How goeth the cape?