Sunday, December 2, 2007

Just another Tequila sunrise...

I've started my first piece. Typically, it's not from any of the 8 paper editions, it's from the online sample issue. This is why I don't KAL - can't stick to the rules.

I'm setting a few personal ground rules. I'll attempt a pattern from each edition I haven't already knitted from and I'll use current boodle to complete each item. It would be a lovely symmetry if I could use some of the yarn I won from Yarn to knit a few. No telling how many items I'll make and my copies are already bristling with page markers.

The first project, though - Barb's own Little Lace Bag. It's a sweet ripple pattern designed to make a wee evening bag. Thing is, I have about as much use for an evening bag as I do for a set of ice skates. What I need is a little bag to protect the coffee mug I lug about to meetings etc. instead of using the plastic and sytrofoam usually on offer. So I’ve added a few pattern repeats and because I committed knitting sin number 2 (not reading the pattern the whole way through before casting on), I’ve put the eyelet row in the second pattern repeat.

I'm using Lang Moana, leftovers from someone else’s dishcloth project. It’s 50/50 cotton and acrylic. It’s making a dense fabric to protect my mug and washes well.

I would have been finished but I cast on the second piece on the wrong size needle and was 1/3 the way through before I discovered the error.


Kate said...

I LOVE this colourway! This is going to be brilliant as a mug bag. I always felt kinda awkward with my tea mug on the way to the cafe; should have thought of this as well.

I'll have thought a bit more about the coffe cup. Am also now thinking about issues of ease with the coffee cosy. I may road test it and see if the ease is good. If not I'll re-knit on smallerer needles.

As for rules!!! Who needs 'em : D

Barb said...

Oooh, that is pretty. Great new use for the pattern too -- I never did need an evening bag! I use mine to hold my BlackBerry.