Monday, December 3, 2007

g'day all

Just in time for Christmas, a little public motivation to get a move on with knitted WIP's .... Hi all, I wonder how long my good intentions will last? But with the lovely variety of patterns to choose from, I should be able to manage a few. I have alread knitted the kerchief, and the sister socks (4 tpairs now).


Taphophile said...

Hi Gemma! What do we think - is the kerchief the most knitted Yarn pattern? I've knitted one and I've seen several others in the flesh and online. Mind, if you've done 4 pairs of the Sister Socks, that would be pushing the average of that pattern up, too. :)

Vivian said...

Hi Kate, Please add me to your KAL.
I am Vivian and part of the New YARN team.
No blog at the moment, but will be blogging from the website!
Hurrah! for YARN 9.XaaoX

Kate said...

Hi Vivian! I've got your email address for the invitation and it's winging it's way to you soon!

Kate said...

Oh, and I knitted the kerchief as one of my ISE4 projects - very easy and very satisfying : )