Saturday, December 1, 2007

Issue 6: Coffee Couture by Megan Longhurst

Well, here I go, project No. 1.

I confess that I've already knit this up once already and, as is my usual wont, completely failed to take into account that I'm a loose knitter (what a hussy!) and ended up with a coffee cosy that was cosy in name only. It kinda slumped off the pot and onto the table. The sad thing is that I suspected that the gauge was too big as I was knitting the cosy up but optimistically thought that the knitting gods would intervene. Ya'd think I'd get a clue after 4 years of knitting loosely, huh? Not to worry, a quick frogging later and going down a needle size, we're back in the running and I think this will be much tighter fitting product.

Alterations so far: I'm going to do this project monchromatically as I'm trying to knit purely from the stash, which contained just one ball of Cleckheaton Country. I've decided that this charcoal will also hide coffee stains admirably : )

I'm feeling a little risque: how about doing a steek where the pot's lip will be? Thoughts?



Helen Knits said...

Hi Kate, I would like to join the KAL please.

Steeking.... just the thought of it frightens me. in all my years of knitting it's something that I have never attempted.

Barb said...

We debated including steeks as a part of the project, but we didn't have the space to explain it properly. Keep us posted if you do decide to do it!

Taphophile said...

Steek?! I run in the other direction - while cheering you on and being fully supportive, of course.;)

If you're going to steek, it might as well be on something this small and easy to replicate, I guess.

I've knitted a coffee cosy or two, although not this pattern, and would recommend going tighter and then a bit tighter again. Once the wool heats up it relaxes and droops.