Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Second project

Using a highly complicated methodology of selection (closed my eyes and grabbed a Yarn off the shelf) my next project comes from #3, June 2006. I was gifted 2 skeins of Koigu, dyelot #1245037 (I think!), which is an enchanting mix of fawns, blues and lilacs. Sort of. Anyway, I have a total of 200m of yarn.

The project I've selected is "Snug" by Judith Avery. As I've proven that I'm incapable of following anything more complex than stocking stitch and casting on/off, I think this will be OK. There's some scarey M 1's in there, not to mention a few k2togs but hopefully we'll all get along.
Sorry about the photo - crappy light and I'm not able to get a good, clear zoom on the yarn. Maybe with better light tomorrow...

Now the first job will be to do a tension square as the yarn isn't to the pattern's specifications (and I knit loosely. See this post. See, I learn!). More swatching discussions later. There should be enough yarn to complete the snug. I want to use a project that will lend itself to being reclaimed for re-use. A snug for Tilly will be perfect for next autumn and can easily be frogged for reuse for mittens or scarf in the future.


Barb said...

Check the errata! Sorry. There were a couple typos in that one.

Taphophile said...

Oooh baby in Koigu - a dainty little morsel. :)

Love that your planning a reuse of the yarn.