Thursday, December 13, 2007

A snag in the plan

I've been busily swatching for the Snug in Yarn #3. The Koigu I originally thought of using won't co-operate : ( When I knitted the gauge swatch the needle sizing was such that the knitting was going to resemble a mat rather than a light-weight shrug. Pooh. So I've put aside the Koigu and am trying some out-of-production Bluebell colour 4124. This is a gentle purple and I'm thinking of some fun contrasting colours such as 4131, a light green, for the edging.

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Barb said...

The baby alpaca we used was probably a wee bit finer than Bluebell -- more along the lines of Merino Bambino. Wouldn't sweat it though -- if you used Bluebell, use the needle size the ball band calls for rather than the one the pattern calls for, and make a slightly larger shrug.

The finished product as shown is TINY, like newborn size. By the time we had got round to photographing it, the intended model had grown quite a bit and just barely squeezed in!