Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Festivus

Greetings All

Just catching up on the KAL - alot happens in just a few days! I am making good progress with my Angel Puff Scarf, the pinks and purples have developed into rather bizarre, but pleasing patterns (sorry no pics yet). Great to see how the other "Puffs" have turned out. Have also started second, and third, projects. I hope I've not set myself up to fail but with only two pairs of very plain beginner socks completed to date, I have embarked on the Swirly Girl Socks (cos I just luv em). I stared with two circulars as the patterns encourages but got so tangled (and my hands ached with the tiny needles) I have reverted to double points. Yarn is Wildfoote and is much brighter than the photo shows.

I have also started Floriane's Wedding Bag as a Christmas present for my nine year old niece but no pictures yet (no time for pictures - I have knitting and last minute work to get through!).

Merry Festivus to one and all.

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Kate said...

(Catching up with comments after the 3 week holiday.) I'm v. curious how your angel puff has worked out. This, the coffee cosy and the bag will be the stars of the KAl, I think.

Good luck with the Swirly Girls. My aversion to sock knitting is legend amongst my knitting friends so I can only stand in swed admiration to anyone who attempts this. If you're interested in pursuing a socky way of life, have you considered joining the Souther Summer of Socks? It's run through Bell's Knits (see my sidebar) and seems pretty popular.