Wednesday, March 19, 2008


My Wine and Roses Bolero, from Yarn 2, is finally finished.

Cast on in December 2005 as a test knit, just after Yarn 1 came out, this jumper has been with me through it all. Its stitches show the tension and the joy in all their variation, the learning, the mistakes, the successes, everything. I gained and lost and gained about 8 kg during the time this jumper was on the needles -- which is why you see it now on a hanger instead of on me -- and I am thrilled to see it done, even if I can't wear it. Am I feeling a little misty? Yes, I am.

But the timing is comes Yarn 9 to take us somewhere new. Thank you Kate for organising this Knitalong, and thank you to everyone who participated in honor of 'the Coddington era', as it has been put. The honor really has been mine!


gemma said...

Lovely Barb,
well done. And hey we can still follow your exploits on little red hen ej?

Kate said...

Well done, Barb! Does the weight variations have anything to do with magazine edition deadlines? it looks lovely and I hope that you get to wear it next time you do the weight loss : )