Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fallen at the last hurdle

My last finished project for this KAL is the Mitred Stripes Tote from the online issue made for the Ravelry Aussie Bag Lady swap.

Unfortunately this is another bag I buggered up through no fault of the designer - total operator error. I ended up with a with a gorgeous fabric that was a bit of a disaster as a bag. The strap was too long, so I cut and sewed it, and the top was all fluted and in no way square.

The whole sorry story is on my blog but the upshot is, if I'd looked at the pictures of the original bag I'd have noticed that when the pieces were sewn together pre-felting the cast on edge became the top of the bag which made for a stable and even item. I sewed it up the opposite way, with the cast off edge as the top and got an *interesting* fluted effect.

I recently also complete a couple of pairs of Barb's Clafoutis Bedsocks.

This pair "Riot in Rio" in a Moda Vera Luxury a mohair blend yard that's all sparkly
and a more sedate pair in Patons Jet in a camel colour

These are going to Can Assist in a project supported by another Canberra knitter, Krafty Kuka.

Still on the needles which I will eventually finish are the Simple Socks and another Jelly Belly Vest. Both are lovely patterns and almost done.

Kate, this has been a wonderful KA - supportive, non-competitive and a really good excuse to more fully exploit my Yarn investment. Thank you. :)

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Kate said...

Oh you poor woman. The felt monster really is ganging up on you. Comfort yourself that the socks are lovely. Some cancer patient is going to feel very happy to be in those socks : )

Glad you liked the feel of the KAL. I'm not much into competition and the real motivation was to get us to use magazine patterns. I'm a hopeless magazine buyer - it's such eye candy. Perhaps knitting pornography????